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The 8 Week Mindfulness Course

The 8 week mindfulness course can be taught to individuals or in a group. 

Mindfulness can help with:

  • Reducing anxiety.
  • Reducing depression.
  • Reduce psychological distress.
  • Improve overall wellbeing.
  • Can reduce negative thoughts and feelings
    about yourself and others.
  • Can help us to stop living in the past and be more
    present in this moment right now.

Practising Mindfulness Online
Support Group

This group offers a space for us to practice our mindfulness meditations together and share our mindfulness journey with each other.

Mindfulness is not a form of therapy, counselling or psychotherapy. It is a course which teaches us new tools and techniques that we can apply to our daily lives that benefit us and those around us.

Learning about Mindfulness can sometimes touch on difficult experiences from our past.

If you are new to mindfulness practice or a seasoned and experienced practitioner and are looking for a supportive group to join,
please get in touch.

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