Group Therapy

All Group Therapy is held online

Tinnitus Group Therapy

This group is aimed at supporting people living with tinnitus. Tinnitus, at times, can be a debilitating condition for the person experiencing tinnitus. Although there is no cure, there is a life that can be lived alongside tinnitus. This group offers support to those coming to terms with tinnitus, newly diagnosed with tinnitus, living with tinnitus and struggling with tinnitus.

Binge Eating Group Therapy

This group is for those who experience struggles around food. Do you feel like your life revolves around being on a diet or not being on a diet; secret eating, emotional eating or binge eating; feeling cycles of guilt and shame because you have fallen off the diet wagon; you tell yourself you will start again tomorrow or Monday is reset day; you constantly question yourself why life and food balance can’t be easier, other people manage it so why can’t I? This is a therapy group for members to explore their issues around food.

Anxiety Group Therapy

Anxiety comes in all sorts of different forms. The age of the pandemic has seen anxiety levels rise substantially, even those who have never
experienced anxiety before. This group aims to support those living and struggling with anxiety.


    Women’s Recovery Group Therapy

    This group is for women who have experienced controlling and abusive partnerships and are in the recovery stage of their life. The ending of an abusive relationship rarely means the end of suffering. It is usually only the beginning of a long journey of healing and recovery. This group offers support to women and help them start putting themselves back together.

    Addiction Recovery Group Therapy

    This is a group aimed at individuals who have already done the majority of addiction work including detox and the primary and secondary stages of recovery. This is a forum beyond the initial stages of recovery for individuals looking for support with their ongoing recovery journey.


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